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Buying A Pagosa Vacation Rental?

The vacation rental market in Pagosa has expanded dramatically in the last few years, with homeowners renting out entire homes or just a few rooms per home to skiers, vacationers and spring breakers.

In October of 2018, the County instituted a vacation rental policy which requires a pre-application conference with the Planning Department, an application for a permit, and performance standards. Permits are valid for one year with an annual fee of $400.

There are several requirements for obtaining the Vacation Rental Permit including:

1. Local Owner/Representative. Owner or other person available to respond within one hour (within about 60 miles) whenever the unit is occupied, at any hour of the day. You may need Proof of Ownership (such as a deed).

2. Site Sketch. Simple site plan showing property dimensions, buildings (with number of bedrooms), parking and driveway.

3. Wastewater. Valid San Juan Basin Public Health permit for septic, unless in sewer district.

4. Lodging & Sales Tax. Proof of Colorado Dept. of Revenue registration for sales & lodging tax.

5. Owners Association Notification. Prior to application for property in a PUD or HOA/POA.

6. Annual Renewal. Building Inspector will complete a building & fire safety inspection after the initial first-year application, and subsequent years if there are complaints.


Vacation Rentals should look just like any other home and fit in with the neighborhood.

1. Density. Vacation Rentals are permitted like other single-family or multi-family Dwellings.

2. Occupancy. The number of guests is limited by the number of bedrooms and septic capacity. There may be no more than two overnight guests per bedroom, plus two other guests. Special events (such as weddings) are only permitted if a Temporary Use Permit can be issued.

3. Advertisements. Ads must include the Land Use Permit Number (i.e. VR19-999).

4. Neighbor Notice. Notify adjacent neighbors that the property is used as a Vacation Rental.

5. Rental Notice. Provide guests listed information prior to their arrival and at the home.

6. Refuse Disposal. Garbage must be managed properly.

Contact the Archuleta County Planning Department with questions at 970-731-1390 or email

Local property management companies including A River Runs Thru It, iTrip Vacations and Team Pagosa Property Management can take care of most concerns of your rental if you don't wish to manage it yourself.

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